Russian Gaming Week: All Gambling Sectors in One Place

Russian Gaming Week: All Gambling Sectors in One Place

As part of the Russian Gaming Week, which is to take place in Moscow on June 2-3, 2016, specialized conference will be held traditionally as well, bringing together representatives of all existing and future Russian gaming zones in order to share their achievements and present the most favorable offers for investors and junket tourists. The thematic conference will last 2 days, discussing the most relevant and exciting topics of the gambling industry

Russian Gaming Week: All Gambling Sectors in One Place

June 2, 2016

The first day of the event will be fully dedicated to bookmakers. Speakers will talk about the latest changes in legislation, new features/tools in betting shops, etc. The following topics will be discussed on this day:

• Main events during the previous year: bet. domain zone, emerging of new licensees, changes in taxation. Forecasts for 2017.

• Positions of two SROs on the betting market. Prospects of cooperation.

• Launching of interactive bets accounting centers. The future of interactive bets in the Russian Federation.

• Review of recent legislative initiatives in the field of betting industry regulation.

• Specific features of Daily Fantasy Sport development in the CIS countries.

• Current trends of betting industry development.

• Prospects of eSports bets.

• Review of effective marketing strategies for attraction of customers to betting shops.

Russian Gaming Week: All Gambling Sectors in One PlaceIn the end of the first day of the conference there will be a ceremony Betting Awards 2016, rewarding the best representatives of the gambling market. Among the nominees: bookmakers, providers of payment solutions and services, as well as specialized media.

Social & Mobile Gambling Conference

The only specialized conference for representatives of mobile and social gaming in the CIS countries. It will bring together all those interested in the industry for the third time and will be held on June 2, 2016 within the Russian Gaming Week 2016.

Topics of the Conference:

• The latest trends on social and mobile gaming market.

• Regulatory norms for mobile and social gaming in the Russian Federation.

• How to create profitable and interesting game for mobile devices and social networks. Success stories.

• Effective strategies for attraction of users.

• Social gambling trends in Europe.

• Features of advertising campaigns for gambling games on mobile devices.

• Benefits of social and mobile gaming.

• The future of betting on the social networks.

June 3, 2016

The second day of the conference will be dedicated to the following topics:

• Primorie gaming zone: a course for success. Interim results of operation, plans for further development.

• Sochi gaming zone: prospects for development, plans of investors.

• Possibilities for business development in Yantarnaya gaming zone.

• Siberian Coin: infrastructure development plans.

• Can we expect the opening of the gambling zone in the Crimea? Expert forecasts.

• Does Odessa have a chance to become the Ukrainian Batumi?

• Special features of branding in gaming industry.

• Gambling in virtual reality.

• Marketing promotion of gambling games in social media.

• Possible risks when choosing a payment system for online gambling.

Organizer of the event is Smile-Expo Exhibition Company. It specializes in conferences and exhibitions dedicated to gambling. The Company held six gambling activities in the CIS countries, as well as Georgia and Ukraine, in 2015.

Details are available on official website of the event