Matchbook Partners With ‘Effective Giving’ Charity, REG.

Matchbook Partners With ‘Effective Giving’ Charity, REG.

Matchbook Partners With ‘Effective Giving’ Charity, REG.The charity of choice for many professional poker players, Raising for Effective Giving is a community of liked-minded individuals that use science and rational decision-making to maximise expected value of charitable donations, when helping reduce suffering in the world. The charity was co-founded by 2014 female poker player of the year, Liv Boeree, and Global Poker Index’s top ranked player, Igor Kurganov .

Matchbook, a peer-to-peer betting service, says it has been searching for a partner that embodies its spirit of community and value for money, and has found an ideal match in REG, an organization that prides itself on cost-effective, efficient, high impact giving.

Matchbook’s Brand Manager, Danielle Desroches says, “REG is smart, innovative and gives its donors great value, making them a perfect fit for Matchbook. We want our customers to get more from their betting experience and collaborating with a highly effective charitable partner like REG is just one of the ways we can give them more.”

“Both Matchbook and Raising for Effective Giving are designed for the margin-minded individual”, adds REG’s Executive Director Ruairí Donnelly. “We’re excited to be able to introduce the concept of maximizing expected value in charitable giving to Matchbook’s audience, especially as their community is already used to identifying how to get the ‘biggest bang for their buck!’”.

To celebrate their new partnership, Matchbook and REG are supporting the biggest story in the international poker community; the Dan Bilzerian cycle challenge.

In a ‘winner takes all’ deal, professional poker player and social media personality Blizerian has been challenged to cycle from his house in Los Angeles to Las Vegas – approximately 278 miles – in 48 hours. Matchbook will donate all commissions earned from bets placed on this market to REG.

With the incentive of $1.2million on the line, thanks to the challenge from hedge fund manager and poker enthusiast Bill Perkins, Bilzerian has sought the expertise of former cyclist Lance Armstrong in helping him to train. He is favoured at 1.25 (7/4) to complete the challenge vs. 2.3 (13/10) to not complete.