Robbers track Horseshoe Casino Baltimore gambler to his home via GPS device

horseshoe-casino-gambler-gps-trackerA Maryland gambler was robbed of $6k after thugs tracked his journey from Horseshoe Casino Baltimore to his home 50 miles away via a GPS device attached to his car.

On Monday, local police announced the arrest of convicted felon Kevin Darnell Carroll on charges of home invasion, armed robbery, assault and other crimes relating to the robbery last November. An accomplice in the crime remains at large.

According to police reports, Carroll and his buddy allegedly took notice of a man who was a regular Horseshoe high-roller and concluded that the gambler must keep a lot of cash on hand. Police believe the dastardly duo affixed a GPS device to the gambler’s car, trailed him to his home and staged the robbery six days later.

Police said two ski-mask-wearing robbers entered the gambler’s garage then surprised the gambler’s two kids – a 21-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl – who had returned to the house after going out for dinner.

The two robbers pointed guns in the kids’ faces, bound their hands with zip-ties and the girl’s mouth with duct tape, then forced the 21-year-old to point out various cash stashes in the house. The two robbers eventually fled with around $6k in ill-gotten gains.

The two victims soon slipped their bonds and called 911. When the police and the kids’ parents arrived, the mother informed the police that she’d hired a private investigator to put a GPS tracking device on her husband’s car because she suspected her hubby of adultery.

Contacted by police, the investigator claimed that, while affixing his GPS device to the gambler’s car in the Horseshoe parking lot, he discovered a different GPS device already attached to the car, meaning the gambler’s moves were being tracked by nearly as many devices as Edward Snowden’s.

Carroll has denied the charges against him, but police claim to have matched his DNA to samples taken from the zip ties, duct tape and the second GPS device.

Whatever satisfaction he might derive from Carroll’s conviction, the gambler has likely already been found guilty by his wife. According to the investigator, the hubby was at one point observed leaving the Shoe with an unidentified woman, and the pair proceeded to drive to a “wooded area of Baltimore” before the gambler “eventually went home for the evening.”