Dr. Changbin Wang discusses the unique status of lottery in Macau

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In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Dr. Changbin Wang of Macau Polytechnic Institute talks about the current status of lottery in Macau.

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The lottery situation in Macau is rather good, according to Dr. Changbin Wang.

Currently, there are two kinds of lottery in the city state. The first is the sweep lottery, which Wang said is experiencing low sales performances, remaining only at 1,000 to 2,000 volume. The second kind is the Keno, or more popularly known as white pigeon lottery.

“The sales performance of [white pigeon] lottery is rather good. With the strong performance of the casino in Macau, the performance of the white pigeon lottery is still good, so that’s the main situation,” Wang told

Wang, an associate professor of gaming laws and regulations at the Macau Polytechnic Institute, said the lottery situation in the city state is rather unique given that Macau is a gaming hub, where casinos play a dominant role.

“The casinos play a dominant role so it is very difficult for the other gaming types to survive because the attraction of casino in Macau is very huge and the return rate of casino is rather huge,” he explained.

The key that will shape the future of entire gaming system—not just lottery—in Macau lies in the younger demographic, according to Wang.

“For the emerging market in lottery and gaming industry in Macau, the problem is not that significant because the casino plays a dominant role and macau has some unique characteristics,” he said. “United States, Las Vegas, encountered some problems because the young generation they don’t want to play the slot machines because they don’t think that’s attractive enough, but Macau does not have this kind of problem. The majority of the gamblers come from the mainland China and we know that gambling is illegal in mainland China. The young generation of the people come from Chinese mainland they are willing to give it a try in the slot machines.”


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