High Stakes Poker Player Has Account Frozen After Suggesting a High Ranking PokerStars Employee Should Get a ‘Swift Kick in The Nuts’.

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PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room, has frozen the account of high stakes cash game player Jason Mo, after Mo made a threat of violence against PokerStars employee Lee Jones on Twitter.

High Stakes Poker Player Has Account Frozen After Suggesting a High Ranking PokerStars Employee Should Get a ‘Swift Kick in The Nuts’.When you create a Twitter account called @cuntycakes123 one doubts you care about other people’s opinions.

That’s the Twitter account of Jason Mo.

Yesterday, I told you that Mo’s account had been frozen as part of a search and destroy bot mission from PokerStars Game Integrity team.

I was wrong.

Accounts are being frozen. Mo’s was frozen. But it wasn’t frozen because they thought Jason Mo was a bot. It was frozen because Mo replied to a tweet from Joe Ingram that PokerStars employee Lee Jones was on the dance floor during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), and Mo replied:

To be fair to Mo. There is a ‘I am only joking’ smiley face attached to the end of the tweet. PokerStars officials must have missed it. Mo’s account was shut down, and it wasn’t until three days later that Mo was advised it was because of this tweet.

Mo’s beef with Jones goes way back. While playing at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Barcelona, the pair got into a spat when Mo suggested that 40-50k in chips were missing from his stack, and then complained when it became apparent there were no security cameras watching the tables, so Mo’s allegations could not be properly investigated.

Jones, who is PokerStars Head of Poker Communications, appeared on the Adam Schwartz 2+2 Podcast where he spoke about the incident and Mo’s subsequent behaviour on social media.

Come And Have a go if You Think You’re Hard Enough

Mo hasn’t apologised to Jones.

Mo believes he has the answer. He has challenged the PokerStars man to a ‘talk off’ on the Joe Ingram Podcast.

“Don’t be scared homie.” Tweeted Mo.

The Money is Safe; Your Future…I’m Not so Sure?

When Mo first reported his account as locked, he stated it contained a cash amount in excess of six figures.

PokerStars are suggesting that Mo’s Twitter jibe contravenes their terms of conditions (TOC). Hence the closure of his account. Mo doesn’t know when he will gain access to those funds, but he does know he will get them back eventually.

Mo showed an e-mail from Jim, Senior Manager, PokerStars Game Integrity Team. It read:

“Finally, we can confirm that we do not envisage confiscating any funds from you here – regardless of the outcome, at the conclusion of this review, you will be able to regain full access to your account balance.”

So he will get his money.

But will they let him play again?

Whatever their eventual decision, Mo has vowed to keep on blasting away on social media stating he will not be ‘bullied or strong armed into silence.’

But he doesn’t mean any harm to Lee Jones.

He then said.

Although, there was a slight caveat.

“While I mean no harm to Lee Jones, I do think he is a giant piece of shit.”


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