PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Landscape in the UK

PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Landscape in the UK

The Media Image’s Manny Berndorfler talks about PPC Landscape in the UK in this edition of CalvinAyre.com’s PPC Tip of the Week.

The PPC gaming space in the UK and increasingly so other territories is becoming a battleground.

• The market is becoming more and more competitive,

• There is a massive rise in aggregators and affiliate activity

• Huge Google CPC’s inflation

• Increased legislation.

Just to give you a flavour for this CPC inflation, in the early days of Google PPC gaming (2002) the CPC’s for generics like,” online casino” were an average of 50p, fast forward to 2015 and they can be up to £120 – £150 a click. I am no mathematician but that’s about 30000% increase?

The landscape has dramatically changed with the rise of aggressors and affiliate PPC drive up the costs for operators and you only need to look at the Google ppc results in the evening to see that more than half of the paid ads are affiliates or aggregators.

The same goes for Sports which is of course on the lower end of the CPC scale and less effected by aggregators than the casino vertical, that said they are on the rise. Sports and Casino are different beasts with very different ways of been run and managed. To make this channel work you need to extremely skilled and above all be on top of campaigns 24/7 , 365. Leave a non-converting keyword live to long as you can be looking at crazy CPA’s.

Sports require a vast amount of continual ad copy and campaign creation to mirror the sporting calendar and of course in the UK the premiership plays a massive seasonal role in PPC traffic. Casino has its own nuance with more activity in the evenings and end of month.