PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Campaign Tracking & Tagging

PPC Tip of the Week: PPC Campaign Tracking & Tagging

The Media Image’s Manny Berndorfler talks about PPC Campaign Tracking & Tagging in this edition of CalvinAyre.com’s PPC Tip of the Week.


Hi I’m Manny Berndorfler, I lead the search team at The Media Image and this is my PPC tip of the the week! Today I wanted to chat about some of the more technical aspects related to tracking & tagging….

In general, optimisation efforts on PPC can only be as strong as the data that’s driving them – as such, ensuring your PPC specialist or agency has access to timely & accurate data is crucial for them to do their job effectively.

Unfortunately, many operators rely on 3rd party affiliate software to track their PPC customers – the problem with that is that the data is mostly 24 hours delayed. Depending on the source it often requires some heavy lifting interns of getting this data connected with AdWords  – as such, it’s very very important that this process is mapped out and setup prior to kicking off any activity on PPC. For best results, plan around getting keyword-level data – this is the most granular level, but will mean that reports deliver highly actionable insights.

To get real time numbers, we normally recommend additional conversion tags either directly through AdWords or 3rd party management tool such as Marin or DoubleClick… this data is unlikely to match up perfectly with internal tracking, but will provide the crucial insights into performance that’s needed to optimise performance to in real time!

More long term, you should also ensure that any tracking tags are capturing additional data around revenue and lifetime value , as well as support holistic attribution efforts so that the PPC spend can be accurately