Leading the online gambling pack with ‘trust’

Joel Comm Shares His Expertise On The Online Gambling Industry

Rebecca Liggero interviewed Joel Comm CEO of Joel Comm, INC. And he shares about his expertise on the Online Gambling Industry.

Like, know and trust.

For Joel Comm, chief executive of Joel Comm Inc., those are the three words that could make a company stand out, especially in the online gambling industry.

“We talked about having ‘like, know and trust’ that needs to hit home for people and the gambling industry,” Comm told CalvinAyre.com. “You know, some sectors of it have a bad rep in that arena, but the legal gaming industry, you know, it’s all trackable. We know what’s happening.”

He noted only the gambling companies that can get past the “hurdle of trust” will be the ones leading the pack.

“When they can show the public that, you know, you can really trust us with this process. This is completely legit, it’s completely legal. It’s fun to play. Once you get past that hurdle of trust, then I think that the message should just be, this is fun. This is rewarding. This is something that you can do with your friends,” Comm explained. “Those are all things we all want, and there’s no reason that as it becomes legal in more and more states, that that shouldn’t be the end result. The companies that get that and pursue that are gonna be the ones leading the pack.”

An Internet entrepreneur and also a New York Times bestselling author, Comm said the secret to his—and other entrepreneurs—success is that they’ve followed their passion.

“The best things in life kind happen serendipitously, and it was my love for computers and playing games on the computer that led me to building a website that reviewed software,” he noted. “And as a result, I got introduced to a guy that was making games. We created a company and a brand and ended up selling it to Yahoo! for seven figures.”

So for other entrepreneurs, Comm has this piece of advice.

“You never know how life’s gonna pan out, but I think if you’re seeking to deliver value and you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you’re open to opportunity, that’s when the magical things happen,” Comm said.