BT Sport Set to Launch First 4K Ultra HD Live Sports Package; Champions League Moving Lock Stock, and God Help Us All

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BT Sports have launched a series of new TV channels dedicated to the burgeoning 4K Ultra HD industry, including Europe’s first dedicated to live sports.

BT Sport Set to Launch First 4K Ultra HD Live Sports Package; Champions League Moving Lock Stock, and God Help Us AllThere was a time in my life when the quality of my TV set was more important than the quality of my wife.

Then I got a life.

But for those of you who are still stuck in the world of materialism like a pair of rubber lederhosen I have some good news.

BT Sports has announced plans to launch Europe’s first 4K Ultra HD TV channel dedicated to live sports. For the uneducated let me assure you that 4K Ultra HD is not the name of a group of a highly organized Italian football thugs. It’s the name given to a TV picture that is four-times greater in quality than the one you recently paid thousands of pounds for.

The new channel will launch with the Barclays Premier League curtain raiser: The Community Shield. The match will take place on August 2. The venue, as always, will be Wembley. And the match will feature a dust up between FA Cup holders Arsenal and Premier League champions Chelsea.

Here are the other planned 4K Ultra HD Live Events in August:

August 2: Arsenal v Chelsea – FA Community Shield

August 8: Manchester United v Tottenham – Premier League

August 15: Southampton v Everton – Premier League

August 22: Manchester United v Newcastle – Premier League

August 20 & 30: British GP – MotoGP

BT Sports also plan to host UEFA Champions League games, FA Cup ties and Aviva Premier rugby games.

Did I just say UEFA Champions League Games?

Yes I did.

If, like me, you don’t own a TV set, or read newspapers, you may not be aware that as from this season, if you don’t pay for BT Sports, and have to live with their nightmarish customer service, and want to watch the Champions League, then you are fucked.

My Mother will have a paddy fit when she learns that BT Sport paid UEFA £897m to show the entire roster of Champions League and Europa League matches on their channels. It’s the first time in history that a single broadcaster has singularly owned the TV rights to Champions League matches, and one of the main reasons that I want to throw an axe at the head of the owner of Sky for increasing their prices by 10% despite losing said rights.

A new 1TB 4K Ultra HD YouView+ box and 47 premium BT channels will cost you £15 per month. Oh wait. You will also have to dig a little deeper for a new TV set and associated set of cables so you can watch your football in photograph quality.

If like my Mum and I you can’t afford to pay that much money, then just get a life and go to the pub, or befriend some idiot who has paid for it. I reckon my mate Steve will buy it and he only lives around the corner from me.

Job done.

PS: I nearly forgot. There was me slagging off the quality of the customer service at BT, when I remembered they have agreed to show one live Champions League match per season from every participating British club. Well…all is forgiven then.


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