WSOP Day 6 Review: 27 Remain; Daniel Negreanu Secures Top 10 Spot

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Lee Davy brings you a quick fire update of the most important eliminations and exultations from the sixth day of the World Series of Poker Main Event.

The November Nine needs Daniel Negreanu.

WSOP Day 6 Review: 27 Remain; Daniel Negreanu Secures Top 10 SpotFingers crossed.

He might yet make it.

As the sixth day of action in the $10,000 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event drew to a close, the most recognized face in poker locked up a top 10 spot.

He has to make it.

The evolution of poker isn’t staple-gunned to Daniel Negreanu’s ascent towards the final table, but it will make a huge difference. To have a man with his profile sitting on the highest table in the business will be a revelation.

His supporting cast scrubs up well an’ all: Justin Schwartz, Pierre Neuville, Fedor Holz and Max Steinberg are still having foundation slapped on their faces in readiness for the TV cameras.

The day started with 69, it ended with 27. Let’s see how that happened shall we?

Level 26

We lost 13 players in the first level. Amongst them was Marcus Van Opzeeland after losing a flip against Wasim Ahmar. Samuel Gagnin was eliminated by Fedor Holz Q5dd<AKcc, and Bradley St. Vincent also hit the rail when he ran pocket tens into the pocket aces of Thomas Kearney.

Former chip leader Bruce Peery was next to go in a hand that saw Toby Lewis bleed some chips. It was a three way all-in with Peery holding queens on T82r; Lewis held eights for middle set, but Josh Beckley held pocket tens for top set. Peery was out, and Lewis was cut.

Then we lost two of the better-known players in the field. Justin Bonomo was eliminated by George McDonald ATo<99, and Jonas Mackoff was unfortunate to lose out to Thomas Cannuli KK<AK when an ace appeared on the flop.

The level ended with 56 remaining and Matt Guan had the chip lead with 9.4m of the things.

Level 27

11 players left the party in this tranche, and the casualty list was full of top stars.

Toby Lewis was ousted by Josh Beckley in a bluff that he very nearly got away with. He opened from MP and Beckley called in the BB. The flop was [Th] [8c] [3h] and both players checked. The turn was the [4s], Beckley led for 140k and Lewis moved all-in. Beckley went deep into the tank, and the floor was called. Eventually, Beckley made the call with a second to spare and it was good. He showed JTo for top pair, and Lewis showed QJ for the gutter and over pairs. The river bricked and the Brit was out.

Lewis wasn’t the only Brit to depart in this level. Chaz Chattha was also ousted after he had his pocket aces cracked by the [8c] [7c] of Zvi Stern after he turned a flush. Ouch.

Matt Jarvis was eliminated by Bob Buckenmayer QQ<KK, Steve Gross was axed by Blake Bohn T9o<K6dd, and then we lost Brian Hastings in the largest pot of the contest so far. Hastings and John Hinds getting into a pre flop war that ended up with the former heading to the rail. It was kings versus aces, and Hinds ended up with 11.2m chips.

The level ended with 45 players and Zvi Stern held the chip lead with 12m.

Level 28

Nine players were nail gunned to the rail during this level. Amongst them were Ghattas Kortas busted by Thomas Cannuli KTss<QQ, Max Greenwood out v Patrick Chan JJ<AA, and Arman Soltani out v Zvi Stern K9dd<A9o.

That left 36 players in the field. Stern continued his dominance with 15m.

Level 29

Level 29 would be the penultimate level of the day.

Upeshka De Silva was eliminated by Alexander Turyansky 99<AA, Chun Law was eliminated by Joe McKeehen KQ<KK, and Jake Toole got it in on a ten high flop holding KTcc, only for Max Steinberg to rip him apart with pocket kings.

Then we had a big moment for Thomas Kearney. The man who had made the final table of a $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) event earlier in the series, eliminated Hans Joaquim Hein and Randall Clinger in a ice cold cooler of a hand: AA v AKdd v QQ and Kearney shot up the chip counts.

31 players survived the level, and once again it was Stern at the head of the counts with 13.8m.

Level 30

The final level of the day saw Daniel Negreanu eliminate Wasim Ashmas 88>22, Matt Guan eliminate Ronald McGinnity 88>AJhh, and Joe McKeehen continue his wrecking ball of an event by eliminating Andrew Moreno AQ>AT.

Then we lost the final female player in the field when Kelly Minkin was coolered out of the contest. She was holding T4 in a limped pot against Frederico Butteroni when the dealer fanned TT6 on the flop. All the money went into the middle, but Butteroni took the lot because he was holding QT. Minkin’s run ended in 29th place.

Here are the chip counts for the final 27 players.

Chip Counts

1st. Thomas Kearney – 14,400,000

2nd. Mozheng Guan – 14,230,000

3rd. Erasmus Morfe – 12,085,000

4th. Joseph McKeehen – 11,975,000

5th. Mario Sequeira – 11,685,000

6th. David Stefanski – 11,485,000

7th. Alexander Turyansky – 10,785,000

8th. Zvi Stern – 9,940,000

9th. Daniel Negreanu – 8,495,000

10th. Justin Schwartz – 7,510,000

11th. Patrick Chan – 7,400,000

12th. Anton Morgenstern – 6,955,000

13th. Thomas Cannuli – 6,220,000

14th. John Hinds – 6,210,000

15th. Pierre Neuville – 6,000,000

16th. Chad Power – 5,300,000

17th. Blake Bohn – 5,000,000

18th. Frederico Butteroni – 4,980,000

19th. Fedor Holz – 4,645,000

20th. Neil Blumenfield – 4,315,000

21st. Christoph Brand – 4,120,000

22nd. Joshua Beckley – 3,745,000

23rd. James Magner – 3,500,000

24th Max Steinberg – 3,290,000

25th. Kilian Kramer – 3,175,000

26th. George McDonald – 2,875,000

27th. David Peters – 2,100,000


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