Ed Reyes on Softec Digital Relocation to Asia

Ed Reyes of Softec Digital on Innovations in Sportsbook

Rebecca Liggero talks to Ed Reyes on Softec Digital‘s decision to relocate in Asia and its new innovation in sportsbook.

“We are based in Costa Rica for a while but we decided to move when we realized that it’s very busy in Europe, busy with Western Hemisphere. Let’s go where everything is not going. Let’s do the opposite,” said Reyes.

“Our strategy is first to find a suitable partner in Asia and we are here at Solaire. We set up in land-base casino and then after that we compliment that with an online business,” added Reyes.

Softec is providing a self serve betting shop, developed in Costa Rica, where bettors can go to the counter and bet on their own, giving the customers freedom to what they want.

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