Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Content Re-Purposing

Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Content Re-Purposing

theMediaFlow Managing Director Nichola Stott gives an overview on Content Re-Purposing in this edition of’s Content Marketing Tip of the Week.

By re-purposing we mean extending the reach and lifecycle of a piece by creating different, original versions of the core message.

Surveys are amazing content for this kind of thing and one survey if wide enough and interesting enough can last almost a whole year at times.

Once you’ve got the core survey results you might find way more than one interesting story in the results. On occasion we’ve conducted surveys that contain strong themes in the results which can be used to phase release of that part of the survey.  You’ve got the option to create interactive data visualisations or flat infographics. You can even do presentation versions on slideshare with quotable results if you’ve added qualitative fields.

Ultimately the goal here is to get maximum reach and impact with your initial content budget. So do try to consider how and where else we can use a story when commissioning.