Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Evergreen Content

Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Evergreen Content

theMediaFlow Managing Director Nichola Stott gives an overview on Evergreen Content in this edition of’s Content Marketing Tip of the Week.

In previous tips we have talked about editorial calendars and seasonality, particularly in sportsbook, which is great and event-driven, however that content has a shelf-life. As part of a great content strategy you can try adding some evergreen content to the plan.

What we mean by that are content pieces that are:

  • Timeless or historical
  • Always true
  • Problem solving
  • Always relevant

Ideally this kind of evergreen content should be in constant demand generating visits, links and shares, naturally and eternally. Examples might be:

  • Whitepapers
  • Rules
  • Course guides
  • The story of…
  • Checklists

Try to incorporate this kind of content into your strategy on a monthly basis and you’ll see exponential gains.