Content Marketing Tip of the Week: Develop Personas

theMediaFlow Managing Director Nichola Stott gives an overview on Developing Personas in this edition of’s Content Marketing Tip of the Week.

This content marketing tip is really useful for helping you define your editorial style and brand voice (which was a previous ToTW), resonate with your reader and expand your readership.

By creating personas you can really immerse yourself into the reader. You may have a very typical audience or perhaps two or three strong types. Try giving an audience type a name and personify them. For example we might have a “Dave” who reads our horse racing content:

  • Is he married?
  • Does he have kids?
  • Where does Dave go of an evening? To the gym or a pub?

Flesh out this persona and write for this person to really help shape your style and tone of voice.

Here’s even more on writing for your audience which includes personas.