Luisa Woods of Tropicana on the importance of customer data

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Rebecca Liggero talks to Luisa Woods of Tropicana as she explained how her company uses every single piece of customer data for “Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

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Luisa Woods of Tropicana explained that her company uses every single piece of customer data for something- for (Know Your Customer) KYC, geo-location, responsible gaming, future communication and of course to satisfy the Bank Secrecy Act. To facilitate data collection from the customer, Tropicana allows existing “Top Preferred Customers” from the land based property to enter their advantage number, pre-populating of a number of the fields required for Tropicana’s online offering.

“There are composite requirements. There are requirements that we need to KYC the customer, verifying who they say they are. There are requirements for ensuring that they are not in any restricted gaming list; that they have not self-excluded from being able to game online casino. There are requirements to verify where they say they are, within the state of New Jersey etc. We also have to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act with tax reporting etc. Although it’s a very long form that they have to fill out and they may feel like that it’s successive data and information that they’re being requested. There are a lot of abuses with those data. so we absolutely collect the minimum that we are able to be able to provide them the service that we are offering,” said Luisa Woods

Tropicana Casino and Resort has become the fifth land-based casino operator in Atlantic City to be granted an online gaming permit by the New Jersey Division in October 2013.

Luisa also explained Bank Secrecy Act‘s requirements that a casino should acquire full social security number at the time the customer creates an account and how this can be frightening to customers and hinder growth.

“Unfortunately we don’t have any recourse. If the customer decides that forget they’re not going to enter their social security number and then let’s say they entered their email address, we then go ahead and email them and try to get them back because in order to do so, we have to have enough data to make sure that they’re not in a restricted gaming list,” Woods added.

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