Betting Promotion announces strong growth in time for World Cup

Betting Promotion announces strong growth in time for World Cup

Betting Promotion announces strong growth in time for World CupBetting Promotion has been preparing itself for the World Cup with a number of new client launches. Richard Hogg, CMO at Betting Promotion, announced last week that since ICEi the team has been very busy focusing on its own trading where improved processes have led to an increase in revenues. “We have been working hard improving our proprietary trading, which has helped our Bookmaker clients see further improved margins. Only last year we highlighted how we were matching the established groups with 11% margins. Now we are seeing many clients achieving over 16%. During a time when other bookmakers have been announcing poor trading figures due to results our clients seem to have been bucking the trend. Since ICEi I have been working on introducing 14 new clients to our platform. This includes software providers, operators, existing and new. Our client portfolio is truly global and innovative. We have clients in Nigeria, Asia, Bulgaria, Turkey as well as those offering Bitcoin only propositions. In addition we are about to launch a group running hotels and cruise liners which will be interesting. We have proven time and time again that our unique pricing and risk management systems benefit our clients. We pride ourselves on quality rather than quantity. That said, the team is currently in the process of developing substantially more markets for basketball and tennis as these are two growth areas, but it is important we get the pricing structure right before we go live”. Looking forward Richard added, “It is going to be interesting in the future as mobile takes over desktop. Our main markets are very successful, and this is where we see the future in having accurate pricing. Good luck trying to display hundreds of markets in front of someone looking to place a bet on current live action!”

Betting Promotion will be at the iGaming Supershow in Amsterdam later in the month.


BETTINGPROMOTION makes markets, manages risk and provides liquidity for bookmakers and betting exchanges. Actively trading in sports since 2003, Betting Promotion have a proven track record providing a tailored service of bespoke prices at any specified margin. Betting Promotion provides this service via their two products: BETPUSH for a fixed monthly fee and BETPOWER on a risk free profit share model. Trading up to €1 billion annually, Betting Promotion creates thousands of markets for sporting events both pre-live and live, providing over 10,000 events every month.

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