Life Outside of Poker: Seth Berger The Believer

Life Outside of Poker: Seth Berger The Believer

Live High is a clothing line, and movement, created by the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Trevor Pope and a few of his closest friends.

Life Outside of Poker: Seth Berger The Believer
Image Courtesy of WPT/Flickr

Their motto is to motivate and inspire others to be themselves and to follow their bliss. Live high, dare to be you and enjoy the moment.

One of their early success stories is Seth Berger. A friend of Pope, Berger left college with nothing but a pot to piss in and a dream to become a professional poker player. Then in the time it takes the world to blink, 23-year old Berger was living his dream and enjoying every single moment.

“I owe everything to Live High. It’s an inspirational group that started out in life as an idea for a clothing line. Their intention is to encourage people to pursue their passion, irrespective of how tough it may be. They provide you with the encouragement, and belief, that even if it seems like you shouldn’t pursue your dreams, that you should have the courage to go for it.” Said Berger.

Berger is now a big advocate of the Law of Attraction, and believes this way of thinking has been pivotal to his early successes.

“This is how I got into poker. I really wanted to play but finished college with no money. I had about $5k to my name then I won $38k for finishing third in a tournament in New Jersey. It was then that I decided to take my whole roll to Vegas to go for it and it worked out great.”

On the 30th May 2013, Seth Berger paid $1,000 to enter Event #3 alongside 3,163 other hopefuls and finished runner-up to Charles Sylvestre in a switch of fate that turned his $38k bankroll into a $300k bankroll.

Then in Event #57 Berger went and did it again, this time finishing third from a field of 784 players to add a further $315,529 to his bankroll. In a matter of weeks Berger had gone from nothing to living the life of a professional poker, all through the power of positive thinking.

“Next year, I want to get more involved with Live High so I can help other people to pursue their passion. It doesn’t have to be poker players either. It can be anybody who really wants to pursue their dreams in any field that they feel passionate about. I want to help people make the most of what they have, and understand that no matter where they are in the world, anything is possible. Just be courageous, have belief and go for it.

“The movement is just taking off and the people who have started it are poker players. They have started off with a clothing line as a way to promote their message, and hope to one day turn it into a successful business. I am proof that this way of thinking, and acting, can be successful and they want to encourage more people to be like me.”

So if you could manifest just one more thing in your life Seth, what would it be?

“To find a great girl…I have everything else that I need in my life.”

I believe him as well.