Youbetme Launches The First Mobile Social Betting Platform

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Youbetme Launches The First Mobile Social Betting Platform Audio

youbetme-jason-neubauer-ld-audio-interviewYoubetme, the mobile social betting platform, is the first app of its kind to hit the Apple App Store as its creators Social Bet Inc. strive to make casual betting easier and more enjoyable

Despite the bad rap that gambling often gets in the public eye, there are very few people who never participate in one form of gambling or another. The twisted view of the bright lights of Las Vegas often belies the fact that people are betting on absolutely anything, which is a fact the creators of Youbetme are more than aware of.

“I bet it’s a boy.”

“I bet I can lose 4 stone in a year”

“I bet I can get to the shop and back in under five minutes.”

These are all types of bets that are often held in place by the good old-fashioned handshake, and Youbetme is the handshake of the future. It’s the first comprehensive mobile, social betting platform designed to turn these fun every day events, into recordable bettable moments.

“People have been wagering since the beginning of time. Our goal is to bring betting among friends back to what it’s supposed to be: fun, easy and social,” according to Jason Neubauer, CEO of Social Bet, Inc. “While we’re at it, we aim to capitalize on the $100 billion mobile betting market, along with the booming social network and mobile app economies.”

Not only can you use Youbetme to create and record wagers via the mobile app, but you can also draw on it’s impressive SMS technology, “QuickBet,” that allows anyone to make a bet from anywhere in the world irrespective of Internet capabilities.

The app also contains all of the up to date sports lines and a rating system that ensures you are well known if you fail to live up to your end of the bargain and pay out when you lose.

The app offers no financial transactions therefore skipping any messy regulatory issues. Instead, settling of bets is a purely peer-to-peer transaction.

“There are a lot of ‘firsts’ with this product that are very promising,” according to Andrew Arata, chairman of Youbetme.  “First, Youbetme uniquely focuses on the social ‘storyline’ aspect of betting, rather than on the transaction itself – taking betting back to its original purpose of good clean fun.  Second, its SMS deployment is far superior to the more-common push notification approach.  Third, the ‘crowd’ help to manage ‘street  cred,’ putting the ‘virtue’ back into the ‘virtual handshake;’ and finally, its beefy back end captures and crunches user demographics and betting topics, providing brand partners, advertisers and market data companies with unprecedented behavior and targeting solutions.”

I caught up with the Youbetme CEO, Jason Neubauer, just prior to launch and the audio interview is available just above this article.

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