Dusk Till Dawn Launch Online Club Cash Games

Dusk Till Dawn Launch Online Club Cash Games

Europe’s premier card room, Dusk Till Dawn (DTD), has launched Online Club Cash Games in a bid to help improve the online cash game experience for its grass roots players.

Dusk Till Dawn Launch Online Club Cash GamesThe tables are only open to DTD club members and Rob Yong and Simon Trumper have implemented a few interesting rule changes that are sure to raise a few Dwayne Johnson style eyebrows.

Firstly, all online poker tracking software is banned. DTD owner, Rob Yong, took to his blog to write a plea to all online poker sites to sit up and pay attention to a market that is seeing the recreational poker player squeezed out. He believes that poker tracking software contributes to the professional’s already over inflated edge, and doesn’t believe there is a place for it in a new world that online poker desperately needs.

The heads-up, 4-max and 6-max tables have been banished, and instead 8-handed tables are all you will find. Once again Yong believes this change will help the recreational player, and even says, “some pros tell me with a wry smile that 6-max 100bb NL is now solved.”

The minimum buy-in level has been raised to 50bb in a bid to prevent short stack professionals wading in and destroying the party, and multi-tabling has also become a thing of the past, with a maximum of two tables all that is allowed. Sounds absolutely perfect for an ego driven baboon like myself who bleeds money trying to play far more tables than one can handle.

Then there are more stringent rules for online chat. Yong discusses in his blog how some of the online chat would lead to a ban from a live club and wants to promote the same practices of etiquette and rules that you would find in the live environment.

“We are a minnow and don’t have any delusions of grandeur to ever be anything more than a niche poker operator, focusing on giving live players the best possible poker experience.” Says Yong.

You have to give Yong respect for not only voicing his opinion, but for also listening to his punters and effecting actual change. Now I think it’s time for other industry leaders to stand up and start saying, “I’m Spartacus.”