Lock Poker Leaves 2+2 and Creates an Internal Forum to Control The Flow of Information

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Lock Poker Leave 2+2 and Create an Internal Forum to Control The Flow of Information

The Revolution Poker Network’s jewel in the rusty crown – Lock Poker – have announced that they are withdrawing their resources (aherm…one man) from the 2+2 Lock Poker Forum, and are instead creating their own in-house forum. The official news from that one man – Mr. Shane Bridges – is the 2+2 forum became an ‘ineffective way for us to communicate with our players.’

The new forum has already been launched and is accessible through the player’s web accounts at Screenshots of the new ‘secret’ forum have been shown on the 2+2 Lock Poker Forum that is an ‘ineffective way to communicate with our players.’ But not any old Lock Poker player can comment on the forum. Instead, you must earn your right to post by raking at least $100 in a lifetime.

I have repeatedly said that when poker players unite they can generate enough strength to make a difference; and in the case of the stand against Lock Poker it seems to have worked. If you Google Revolution Poker Network or Lock Poker the good Internet lord will take you directly to those 2+2 posts that Bridges has cited as being ineffective ways of communicating. This is a massive problem for the ailing poker company as it makes it extremely difficult for them to attract new poker players.

By boycotting the 2+2 forum I assume Lock Poker will shave a few dollars from their expenses column and control the flow of (dis) information as tightly as a handshake with The Rock. It is already been revealed that it’s against company policy to discuss cash out progress on the new forum; which I assume is the only bone of contention that Lock Players want to pick on.

Lock Poker cheerleader, Chris Costigan from the Gamblin911 website has reportedly agreed to be there to offer his unique Jen Larson approved perspective on the industry and to help mediate the forum. That’s like letting a fox mediate the fights in the chicken barn.

But why am I even writing this article? Why are players still playing on this site? The fact that Lock Poker is even in existence takes me down that long and bustling path where I often find myself berating the lunacy of poker players. I understand that players are hoping to get their money off the site, but unless we are talking large amounts then just dump it and run. Didn’t we learn anything from Lederer, Ferguson, and Bitar et al?

The move to control the flow of information is desperate and damaging. The 2+2 site may not have any Lock Poker representation, but this doesn’t mean the end of the forum. It will still rank higher than any other resource through Google and the players who created it will make sure that it still keeps on producing the truth. I expect to see a whole raft of screen shots showing the ball-gags of the new Lock Poker Forum being splayed all over the old 2+2 forum.

The screenshots already show that each post is subject to integrity checks. How many complaints that Lock Poker doesn’t want to answer are going to get through those doors? There are even threats within the terms and conditions that if you say anything that may cloud the picture of the company, your account could be frozen.

So I ask again. What on earth are people still doing playing on this site?


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