Will Ultimate Poker Maintain its First to Market Advantage Once Competitors Begin Operations?

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A month ago, Ultimate Poker won the race to become the first Nevada-licensed online poker site to offer real money games within state borders. We decided to ask our readers if they think that Ultimate Poker will maintain its First to Market advantage once competitors begin operations.

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Will Ultimate Poker Pay The Ultimate Price For Being The First to Enter the Nevada Market?Coming in first was “No – Another brand rises to the top” with 66.04% which might means they might be waiting for another poker room to open.  The WSOP came out with the news that they will be opening their own online poker room this summer. Maybe that’s what people are waiting for. “Yes – It’s a good product” got 16.98% of the votes, which means that there are people who believe that Ultimate Poker will make its mark in the industry as the first company with a license to operate online poker despite the issues with the software. Although, a rep for Ultimate Poker did say that they are still going through a “30-day field trial” so the Nevada Gaming Control Board can check everything and that the issues will be fixed after this.  17% went with “No-No room will dominate”. A very small difference in the figures but technically, more people believe that no room will dominate once other online poker companies get licenses and start operating out in Nevada.

The future of Ultimate Poker is yet to be seen. A 190+ page thread containing several complaints is not something they should take lightly if they want to end out on top. Though they have a head-start, it won’t take long before other companies catch on. When that happens, we’ll see who ends up dominating the online poker market.


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