Mayweather Confesses to Million Dollar Sports Betting Swings

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Mayweather Confesses to Million Dollar Sports Betting SwingsWhen it comes down to it, gambling is all about a persons ‘risk tolerance;’ how much risk is appropriate to the particular person at that time. One of these factors includes the earnings potential of a gambler. Take Floyd Mayweather Jr. as an example. The 36-year old legend is called ‘Money’ for a reason, and it’s because he has plenty of it. So when it comes to risk – Mayweather style – we should not be raising too many eyebrows when we hear that he once lost $900,000 in a single game.

Mayweather, the man people love – and love to hate – with equal qualities of verve and vigor, topped the 2012 Forbes Highest Paid Athletes charts with $85 million and change, and Jim Rome caught up with him recently in his ‘Ten Questions’ slot. Rome didn’t hold back any punches, and to be fair, Mayweather didn’t dodge any questions, in particular when it came to his biggest gambling wins and losses.

“The biggest bet I ever won was probably $1.1-1.2 million. The biggest bet I ever lost was probably a million. I lost when the Seahawks threw that pass at the end…that was $900 grand.”

‘How pissed was you then?” Rome asked.

 “I was a little sad, but it comes with the territory.”

The game that Mayweather was referring to was the infamous Seahawks-Packers “Fail Mary” game involving the replacement referees back in Sep 2012, that was called ‘The worst call in NFL history’ in some quarters.

Mayweather also said that his favorite word was loyalty, it’s ballin’ to have crocodile on your walls, if he wasn’t boxing he would like to have achieved a business degree from Harvard and that the only thing he would never mess with was a married woman.

Mayweather, who regularly posts photos of his betting slips on Twitter, is due to fight Robert Guerrero on May 4th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


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