Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen on the road to recovery after getting shot three times

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theo jorgensen recovering after home robberyWhile our outlook in life has always been predicated on having fun and enjoying the blessings we receive along the way, there are times when something serious happens and we’re called to address them the best way we can.

The family of Danish Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen is dealing with it now after Jorgensen was shot three times during a recent robbery attempt at his home in Greve, Denmark. Fortunately, Jorgensen is recovering at a local hospital and the shots directed at his legs and are not deemed to be life-threatening. The bad news is that the three masked robbers are still on the loose and are all considered armed and dangerous.

According to various reports, including one from Danish news magazine Ekstra Bladet, the robbery occurred at around 10 pm last Sunday, December 2, when three men wearing elephant masks forced their way into Jorgensen’s home, taking away an unspecified amount reported to be in the five-figure kroner range. But despite getting what they supposedly came for, that didn’t stop one of the robbers to shoot Jorgensen in the leg three times in front of his wife. Presumably after the robbers had left, Mrs. Jorgensen immediately notified the authorities who arrived shortly thereafter and did a thorough search of the local area with the assistance of specially trained dogs.

Based on the descriptions given by the couple, the three suspects were all male and are believed to be about 5’5″ to 5’6″ tall. One of the suspects was wearing a dark gray jacket, gray pants, and light colored shoes and carried a white bag. Meanwhile, the second suspect was wearing a ray hooded jacket and dark pants, and finally, the third suspect had on him a gray jacket, light/gray pants, white shoes, and was believed to have been carrying a submachine gun.

We can’t understate how, despite the terror he and his wife faced during their horrendous ordeal, Theo Jorgensen is still a lucky man to have been shot only in the legs. More importantly, the man was in good enough shape to actually make a brief statement on his Facebook page earlier today, saying: “It is important to me to emphasize that I am a careful man. I was prepared mentally and practically that this situation could happen, to protect myself and my family against people from the outside. I know that people can have a misconception about how much cash I have in my home. I have alarms, always as little cash as possible and generally take my precautions. Unfortunately, that was not enough.”

“Under the circumstances I am fine and want to focus on taking care of my family so we can get through this.”

Needless to say, wishes Theo Jorgensen a full and speed recovery from his injuries and look forward to seeing him out and about sooner than later.


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