BodogUK to target ‘missing millions’ with Asia Optimised website

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bodog seeks missing millionsBodog Asia, who recently acquired the reins of, is planning to use the site to target what Managing Director, Robert Gustafsson, refers to as the ‘missing millions’ in the UK’s ultra-competitive online gaming business.

He explains; “There are estimated to be at least 100,000,000 Chinese living outside China and if you then include Thai, Malay and Vietnamese expats you have more than just a niche market but one that has been ignored by other operators despite being far and away the largest consumer group of casino games on the planet.” will offer its own unique live dealer Baccarat, which dwarfs Blackjack and Roulette combined in Asian casinos, as well as more traditional casino games and sports betting. Poker will not be included in the initial launch of the new UK-facing website.

Gustafsson continues: “The UK has a rich and historic culture of diversity and yet all online betting firms compete for the same consumer, driven by sports wagers. The listed UK companies regularly cite ‘more winning favourites than usual’ or a ‘bad Royal Ascot’ as a performance indictor because of the huge dependency on sports betting whereas in Asia, online gaming, while offering sports betting, is still 80% casino.”

“ can offer a totally different product to a totally different audience and while we will still offer sports betting the all-important casino customer will be our main source of revenue.”


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