iovation releases new tool to fight cyber crime


iovation has unveiled its latest tool to help the online business community with a network designed to assist in fighting all levels of cybercrime. The Fraud Force Online Community is a forum that aims to help businesses across all sectors work together in order to keep up the fight against threats to any company that bases itself online. It’s available for all iovation clients of which online gambling firms are a large part. Jon Karl, vice president of corporate development at the company, thinks that cooperation on this scale is good for business and the new tool is a key way in which to facilitate it.

“Sharing data is baked into iovation’s DNA and is essential to combat constantly evolving Internet threats and the devices that are used to conduct them,” Karl said. “Our clients have expressed great interest in having the ability to connect with other fraud analysts in a secure way while sharing real-time fraud and abuse intelligence through iovation’s ReputationManager 360 solution. The new Fraud Force Online Community enables them to do this, extending the valuable conversations already taking place at our user groups, facilitating law enforcement, and sharing fraud prevention strategies and tactics in a way that outpaces the fraudsters.”

The Fraud Force Online Community will consist of a number of key features, which include polls, a mix of public, private and secret groups, document sharing, blogs and industry breakouts by fraud experts.

The company has been a fixture in the online gaming system for some time and refreshing their system is something that some believe has been needed for some time. Larger companies in the gambling industry have also moved towards creating their own in-house systems that do a similar job. iovation will be hoping their new sharing service will command them more respect in all areas of the online community.