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las vegas 1Gambling, whatever form that may be, is unquestionably one of man’s favorite ways to make easy money. And while you can do all of that from the confines of your own home, every once in a while, you’re going to have that gambling itch, that tingling sensation to smell the felt, feel the chips on your hands, and well, interact with other gamblers.

For the purposes of this discussion, we set up our weekly poll and we asked you that if money were no object, then where would your next gambling vacation be?

After a week of clicking from you, our beloved and faithful readers, the results are finally in – and they were pretty close.27% of you answered the bright lights of Sin City, Las Vegas. Hardly surprising because of the variety of other extra-curricular activities you can do in Vegas is like no other in the world. Missed out on the jackpot in slots? We’ll then, let’s catch a Vegas show! Had a bad beat in poker? Head over to the dancing fountain at the Bellagio and stare at it the whole night! Clean up the tables with your girlfriend? How about a hasty proposal and an ill-advised marriage at the Little White Chapel! There’s a reason why “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is an adopted mantra from anybody returning home from Sin City.

Coming in second at 23% is the town that’s giving Sin City a serious run for its money: Macau. After that, 17% of you  readers picked Monaco with most of you who did probably taking the phrase “if money were no object…” a little too literally. Good for you, chaps! From there, the Bahamas finished  fourth at 12%, followed closely by the Philippines at 10% and Singapore at 7%.

Finally, it must be noted that when “Others” (3%) finishes higher than Atlantic City (1%!), then you can pretty much say that the AC has some serious catching up to do to win back gamblers.

Here’s to hoping that the new Revel resort can jump-start that process.


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