ICE ICE Baby party review – trying to work out which song Vanilla Ice sings…

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P1040913The only disappointment of last year’s ICE ICE Baby party was the lack of Vanilla Ice to sing his signature track. 2012 gave us the next best thing – iGaming’s version of a tribute act.

As usual Sports Betting Community (SSBC) and the iGaming SUPER Show brought every man (and a few women) and his unquenchable thirst for alcohol to the table on a evening where the drinks flowed from 8pm until the wee hours.

Upon arrival, Jagerbombs and Canapés found their way around the venue that consisted of two floors. Upstairs was a mellower pub type atmosphere where you could sit and have a real conversation if required. Downstairs…that was where the party was at! To the right was a white room complete with the smell of freshly baked chicken wings and rammed to the rafters with iGaming professionals doing what they do best – drinkin’ and networkin’.

A DJ strutted his stuff in the black room to the right that was home to an ice sculpture of the famous Sheamus, the iGaming Super Show mascot. Even better than that was the SBC ice vodka luge that had Shona O’Donnell dishing out the free Grey Goose. It meant iGaming professionals queuing up like excited teenage girls at a boyband gig and everyone saw fit to drink from the very same spot

For the entire evening we were lucky enough to see girls roaming the floors with free shots and then came the highlight – step forward Marcus Richardson. He had the suit and hair with all that was missing the Vanilla Ice vocals. When he took to the stage this came to the fore and there was no lip syncing in sight as we could honestly say Vanilla Ice was here. There was even one thoroughly confused female attendee that couldn’t work out which song it was that Vanilla Ice sang!

Check out the PICTURES for the SBC ICE ICE Baby party and we’ll see you at Fire & ICE tonight!


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