Soccer fan turns £5 bet into £7,590 in the season’s most unlikely results

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Grant Hanley

Grant Hanley heads home the winner at Old Trafford for Blackburn

A football Premier League fan turned £5 into £7,590 after placing a bet on the most unlikely results of the season last weekend, with them all proving correct.

In a report by Reuters, an unidentified Everton FC fan successfully predicted that the disfavoured Blackburn Rovers team would have one over on the legendary Manchester United, mediocre Aston Villa would beat southerners Chelsea, and Sunderland would manage to win the team at the top of the Premier League, Manchester City.

The exact results were:

Blackburn Rovers v. Manchester United: 3-2 at Old Trafford on Tuesday

Aston Villa v. Chelsea: 3-1 at Stamford Bridge on Saturday

Sunderland v. Man City: 1-0 at the Stadium of Light on Sunday

A spokesman for William Hill bookmakers said: “To find three of the least predictable results of the season and put them in a virtually impossible treble leaves us very relieved he was only prepared to risk a fiver on the outcome.”

It’s no wonder they were relieved, the odds on the bettor being successful were 1517-1.

“The Blackburn game saw the biggest winning Premier League odds we have ever offered, 22-1 for them to win at Old Trafford and by adding Sunderland and Villa to the mix, the lucky punter beat odds of 1517-1. It is a little surprising he didn’t add Everton to win at West Brom, which would have boosted his winnings to nearly 20,000 pounds,” the spokesman added.

We’ve only got one thing to say about the lucky punter in question, and that is: jammy F*****!


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