Virtuous man returns 10k of lost casino winnings to rightful owner

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man-returns-lost-casino-winningsPicture this: you’re in a busy Airport. Everyone is rushing by you with no care but for themselves. Suddenly on the floor you find two Caesars Palace Casino branded envelopes which appear stuffed with something that can only be a bundle of dosh. What would you do? Take it and run?

Presumably, that’s what most people’s decision would be. But a report by CNN suggests anyone who has ever lost anything and hasn’t seen its return could now have their faith in humanity fully restored. One honest man, who goes by the name of Mitch Gilbert, from Colorado, did the honest thing when he found himself in this very position.

He told CNN yesterday: “Some people thought I was crazy to give it back. I had to give it back. It wasn’t my money to start with.” He added: “It was $10,000 held in two sealed Caesars Palace envelopes and left December 6 by a passenger at the airport in Las Vegas.”

Waiting for around 40 minutes, Gilbert never found that distressed looking person, desperately searching for their lost envelopes containing their dear winnings. He even hesitated to give it to someone a few feet away because he wasn’t sure the person was the rightful owner. Eventually, he flew home with the envelopes and that’s when he found they each held $5,000 in cash.

Next, Gilbert called McCarran International Airport to report the find. He was told it could not put third parties together but he vowed to follow it up. About two weeks later he was told a sorry man form El Paso, Texas had reported losing the brass. That man was Ignacio Marquez, who said he dropped the envelopes as he was running to catch a flight. How the hell can someone let go of $10,000 in cash?! Whether you’re late for a flight or not, that amount of money should not leave your palms.

“Relief is an understatement. Cash money is very difficult to get back. I’m very appreciative to Mitch and his family. You do not find people like this,” Marquez said.

We have no idea if Gilbert received any reward – let’s hope his good deed came to some form of compensation. The reason for his good nature? He said he would want someone to do the same thing for him, even if the cash would solve his mounting debts. He added: “I wanted to show my kids the right thing to do.” How very virtuous.



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