Caesars fined over baccarat dancer while blackjack dancers getting paid

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Caesars-Baccarat-Blackjack-DancersYou’re allowed to dance in Las Vegas casinos, but only if you’re a member of the staff. So says Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, which has fined Caesars $250K for allowing a high-roller to get up onto the baccarat table and strut his stuff during a 45-min. wagering session. Apparently, this baccarat boogie didn’t go down well with the other players, and the control board agreed. We’d be remiss if we failed to mention that you can do the Macarena stark bollock naked while playing with your favorite online casino from the comfort of your home and no one will complain (or even find out), but we digress…

Meanwhile, over at the blackjack tables, dancing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged – providing you’re a hot chick wearing a g-string and you restrict your gyrating to the so-called Party Pits. Yes, how wonderful that casinos are providing some eye-candy for gamblers to ogle while they’re waiting for their next card to be… What’s that? These same casinos have simultaneously reduced their payouts on a hand of 21 from 3:2 to 6:5? So the casinos have cut blackjack payouts by 20% while ensuring players’ attention is on the pretty lady shimmying up and down that pole just a few feet away. What are the odds of this being a coincidence? Read more.


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