Weekly Poll Results

german court upholds online gambling banWith many jurisdictions in process of or very close to opening up their markets for online gambling, operators are wheeling and dealing to make sure their companies are positioned to take advantage of emerging markets.

However, in some jurisdictions where companies have a significant stake, delays and poor to unacceptable regulatory structures can have detrimental effects, particularly on public traded companies and their stocks.

We polled the question, “Which soon to be regulated European market are you most optimistic about?” Here are the results.

It seems most of our respondents are high on the market in Germany. 38 percent selected Germany as the soon to be regulated market they were most optimistic about.

31 percent of our respondents said they were most optimistic about the soon to be regulated market in Spain.

15 percent were most optimistic about the soon to be regulated market in Denmark.

No one was optimistic about the Hungary market. And 11 percent, weren’t optimistic about any of the above soon to be regulated markets and 5 percent were more optimistic about other Euro regions other than those listed above.

It is interesting that the most optimism surrounds the German market, particularly when just recently, the German Federal Court of Justice upheld the country’s ban on online gambling.