Taiwanese opposition blind to gambling industry benefits

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TaiwanTaiwan’s attempts to become the next destination for the Far East’s insatiable desire for gambling are hitting strong opposition. Anti-gambling industry groups are urging the government to evaluate the negative impacts that a casino business may bring to the country and its surrounding islands.

Anti-Gambling Legislation Alliance (AGLA) called the Ministry if Transportation and Communications the “Ministry of Gambling.” It came after the government departed had enlisted the Macau-based Ocean Technology Group to formulate regulations governing a review on international resorts in the country. The AGLA believes Ocean won’t be fair in their investigations due to the fact that they’re involved in the gaming industry.

Tourism Bureau Chief Secretary Chang Hsi-tsung responded, stating, “The gambling act and the regulations on the integrated resorts is drafted based on an amendment to the Offshore Islands Development Act passed by the legislature in 2009.”

He added that any casino that was to be built must be part of an international resort and wouldn’t be able to operate as a standalone casino.

The crux of the AGLA’s arguments is common in that they seem to be anti-gambling in general. Little clarifications is given as to what the “negative impact” is that they are alluding to and they seem oblivious to the benefits that many other provinces have seen from the gambling industry. With Macau’s licensing system facing an uncertain future, the proximity of Taiwan mean that capitalizing is a real possibility. Expansion of the country’s gambling industry would mean more jobs and the island’s economy as a whole would likely see a huge boost as a result of the increased investment. They should be reminded of the fact that the Asian gambling industry is the fastest growing on this here Earth.


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