LVS upgrades Advanced Betting Platform

fdj logoThere’s going to be a number of unveilings going down at EiG in Milan later this month, among them, LVS, the British sportsbook software provider owned by France’s FDJ, will be demonstrating new and upgraded features of its Advanced Betting Platform.

The new sportsbook and racing platform has an intuitive new content management system, live betting video console and new tools for traders. The sportsbook and racing platform has been upgraded to include new features such as an intuitive new click-and-drag content management system that enables marketing and trading staff to keep their websites up to date.

The new live betting console has even been upgraded to maximize customers’ involvement and offer live streamed video.

LVS chief executive, Simon Ordish, said in the release: “Our Advanced Betting Platform gives operators very sophisticated risk management and event management technology… “Its latest features illustrate our commitment to constantly improving the player’s experience and continually improving operators’ and traders’ efficiency…Unlike many of our competitors LVS will be running live demos throughout the show, giving potential partners the opportunity to see ABP first hand.”

The excitement for the 2011 EiG continues to build, have you registered yet for this highly anticipated event?