Macau gets heist film; Galaxy donates to charity projects

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Oceans 11Macau may well already be outpacing Las Vegas at a rate that even the most optimistic of analysts under predicted. Apart from the fact that Macau yet hasn’t started to stage world title fights. (When’s Mike Tyson’s comeback due anyway?) there’s been something missing from the enclave. Sin City has had three from the same series and the City of Dreams in Macau has been chosen as the venue for their own modern version of the…casino heist gilm.

“The Thieves,” a Korean movie, is director Mr Choi Dong-hoon’s fourth movie and most of the action takes place at the City of Dreams after the company chose to sponsor the film.

Director Choi said: “When I came to Macau and visited City of Dreams, I thought that it’d be a great setting for a heist film starring not just Korean stars but Hong Kong stars as well against exotic backgrounds. The most important element of this film is depiction of reality and the audience must be able to enjoy the space we’re putting them in. I think the film’s true character came through while shooting at City of Dreams. I want to sincerely thank City of Dreams and I’m very excited to be shooting here.”

Much of the story centres on a hidden diamond in the casino and there’s no word yet whether they even found it!

The enclave’s second largest casino operator has followed the lead of Sands China to announce a substantial charity donation. Galaxy Entertainment Group is donating MOP600,000 (US$75,000) to three local charity organizations thanks to money collected from a company auction.


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