Russian parliament increases penalties

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St Basils CathedralRussia’s hard-line against venues offering illicit gambling is continuing as new measures were brought in to strengthen the crackdown. Earlier this week, the lower house of the Duma approved amendments originally put forward by President Medvedev earlier this year. It now means that it’s a criminal offence to be involved in any gambling that isn’t legal. Fines were also increased for both individuals and companies. On top of that, you could get banged up in a Soviet Gulag for up to six years if you break the rules..

The market for illicit gambling has prospered in Russia as the parliament has restricted casinos to zones in areas of the country where they’re unlikely to prosper. Snow can be very cool at times. Temperatures at 50 below freezing aren’t in the same category though.

Medvedev and his parliament have also not been the most welcoming when it comes to the iGaming market. Although it is thought that at some point in the future they may decide to relax the country’s stringent rules. We’ll probably have to wait for the oil to dry up before any of that occurs.

Staying in Russia, bookmakers have caught a lucky break in the shape of a tax break from the government. The Prez signed off legislation that allows the areas where bets are placed to be redefined. It basically means that the main tax of 120,000 rubles will only apply to “processing centres.” These are the places that set the odds and deal with payouts rather than the window where bets are placed.


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