Lawyers show how not to handle the media

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Lawyers with wigsThe media has a role to play in any industry the world round and iGaming is no different. Dealing with the media in the correct manner is par and course of making sure your company is respected. Moreover, a good media relations department can even sometimes be the difference between huge worldwide success and something a little less moderate.  Here at, we were surprised that a company working in the iGaming industry could be so keen to flunk all these assertions. Enter Samvo Entertainment Limited

It was last week when two articles were published here on the tablog concerning the London-based firm and investigations into German match fixing. The first of these articles contained information reported by the Telegraph in relation to City of London Police “raids” that were carried out.

This is where the first lesson can be learned. The group took issue with the word “raid” being used and wanted it changed to the word “visit.” Non-iGaming industry media, in the shape of the Telegraph and the BBC, have, on two separate occasions, described the operations as “raids.” The fact they’re quibbling over nuances in the information given is really a matter of very slight semantics. So after the second article was published with a number of corrections, the media relations only got worse.

This morning we received a letter (that can be seen at the foot of the article) from Samvo’s solicitors. It instructed us that a photo accompanying the original article was defamatory and that the second article wasn’t given enough prominence on the tablog. Now we know lawyers like to have their moment in the limelight (It’s SHERIDANS for anyone that was wondering). If they’d simply read the story and let it pass off without getting antsy then likely no one would have bat an eyelid. It would be buried deep in the archives of and that would be that.

The lawyers involved could conceivably be accused of over inflating Samvo’s legal bill in sending correspondence that is so ridiculous as far as the content is concerned. Samvo’s confusion stems from the fact that the law firm is quite obviously in over its head as far as media relations are concerned. If the lawyers had noticed that this story was up on two of the most read media outlets in the United Kingdom then the advice they gave Samvo should have differed. Next time, just send it off to the media relations department – the clue is in the name.

No one wants their firm associated with the police and we’re the last people that want to drag iGaming’s name through the mud when it comes to scandals, especially match-fixing. There’s also no suggestion at this, or any stage, that Samvo has had any involvement in any wrongdoing. People trying to silence the media and bully us into removing valid information from the tablog can’t go by without identification though.

You invite the media over and try to establish a rapport with them first off. Lawyers should be a last resort. You block the media and this is usually the end result. You only have to look at the recent super injunctions brought by many famous names in the UK to illustrate this point.

All in all, we’d like to congratulate Samvo for confirming what we’ve been saying all along – the tablog is the only place you need go for the latest exclusive news in the iGaming industry. If that doesn’t reaffirms this then what does?

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