Bruins vs Canucks: 2011 Stanley Cup Final Preview

milan lucicThere’s only two teams left standing to compete for one of the most coveted trophies in sports, Lord Stanley’s Cup. In just a couple of days before the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins will engage in an all out war to win the Stanley Cup. Both teams have fought through adversity and both teams have something to prove to their fans and themselves.

EA Sports might want to get into the bookmaking business considering they correctly predicted the two teams that would be playing in the Stanley Cup Final.

Somewhere out there, some video gamer has made a lot of money making future wagers based off what he’s seen in the NHL video game by EA Sports. Back in October, EA Sports preseason simulation accurately tabbed Vancouver to win the Presidents’ Trophy before facing off with Boston for the Stanley Cup. In those predictions, the Canucks pulled through and won their first-ever Stanley Cup championship in a seven-game Final.

They’ve been right so far, accurately predicting all but one of the 14 postseason series thus far in the Stanley Cup playoffs and I don’t think the video game was wrong about the Canucks either.

Boston has a great goaltender, strong defense and they are a physical and talented team. They were able to get past Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games, and they’ll be ready for the challenge. They’ll beat the Canucks up and this series will be physical with plenty of penalties.

Ultimately, you have to believe that in a series that should feature a lot of penalties that the Canucks will have the edge with the Sedins on the power-play.

The Canucks have been deeper than every team they have faced in the playoffs and looking back, that has wore many teams down by having to deal with 3-4 competitive lines.

Also, the Canucks are more disciplined and they have more team speed than Boston. Luongo is a better and more consistent goaltender that Tim Thomas and the Canucks have more playmakers and scorers than Boston, including the two of the top three playoffs point leaders.

Boston has heart and a lot of fight, but I’m going to side with the EA Sports Simulator and take the Canucks in 7 games.