Sands China apply for loan and open new premises

Sands China want substantial loan

Sands China want substantial loanOne of the largest operators in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau has applied for a substantial loan. According to, Sands China is applying for a loan to the sum of $3.525billion in order to refinance the company. Reported by Bloomberg, the quotes are from a source close to the deal that would mean they could replenish their plentiful sand deposits. Sands have contacted 14 banks in relation to the deal and it remains to be seen whether they’re successful in raising this sizable amount of money.

Las Vegas Sands preposterously successful Macau arm has also announced the opening of a Career and Development Centre in the enclave. It will provide an informative recruitment platform for those looking to join the company ahead of future development projects such as Cotai five and six.

Mr. Edward Tracy, President and COO of Sands China, said, “Sands China is one of the largest employers in Macau, with over 15,000 team members in our work force, we take their career development and well being very seriously. The [Sands China] Career and Development Centre aims to offer a comprehensive and informative platform for our existing team members to seek career advice and support. And more importantly, this centre is established to offer Macau citizens, who have an aspiration to join the [Sands China] team, to learn more about the company prior to making their career decision. As a responsible corporate citizen, this is an important next step to demonstrate our continuous commitment to nurture the next generation of talents for Macau.”

The centre will be open daily from 11am and 7:30pm. No word yet on whether there will be goody bags or not.