New Alabama Attorney General continues gambling raids

Luther StrangeIt may be a new regime governing Alabama but it’s the same old game on the gambling front, and the odds are once again stacked against electronic bingo operators.

Attorney General Luther Strange, the state’s new attorney general has announced that he plans to continue the kind of gambling crackdown Alabama has become known for. It’s the same kind of crackdown that has closed three of four privately operated gambling halls that had reopened in recent weeks.

With that announcement, the owners at Greenetrack should be getting ready to board up the windows and bolt down the gambling machines.

Under Strange’s direction police recently raided the recently reopened Anchor Club in Brighton on Monday and seized 500 gambling machines causing two other gambling halls to close their doors.

With Greenetrack in Eutaw as the only location that’s still advertising electronic bingo games except for the Poarch Creek Indians’ three casinos, which aren’t under state control, they basically have a bullseye on their backs.

An article in Forbes recorded an interview with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, “We are going to enforce the law and wherever we find these illegal operations, we are going to take action,” Strange said in an interview Tuesday.

Additionally, Strange said about Greenetrack, “Every situation is different, so I can’t comment on our specific strategy in a part of the state.”

What’s strange to me is how paper bingo is perfectly legal in the state, talk about being behind the times, don’t think we can expect this state to be looking into online gambling anytime soon.