April Fools – Welcome to TheLongleyandGuardian.com

Scott Longley

TheLongleyandGuardian.comAs you’ve probably noticed, there have been a few changes in the last 24hours. Late last night, I partnered with a group of public gaming executives and purchased CalvinAyre.com.

We approached Calvin a few months back with an offer to purchase the CalvinAyre.com site. We were intrigued by its steady increase in traffic and we feel the site is approaching the “tipping point” in its rise to prominence in the gaming sector.

Calvin originally rejected our offers in November and then again in January saying, “It’s my name, it’s my brand and I won’t sell it to anyone.”

I was convinced Calvin had a price and “no” really meant to try harder. So armed with the backing of several undisclosed public gaming executives, we were able to make an offer that was enough for Calvin to accept selling his namesake.

TheLongleyandGuardian.com wanted to complete the purchase before the site’s official one-year anniversary in May because afterwards, we believe the attention of suitors from non-gaming areas of the media would have pushed the purchase price too an undesirable figure.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Scott Longley. I am a longtime gaming industry commentator. Before transforming CalvinAyre.com into TheLongleyandGuardian.com, I was the business editor for GamblingCompliance.com and I still hold the head of research position at GamblingData.com.

So what does this mean for you, the former visitor to CalvinAyre.com and new visitor to TheLongleyandGuardian.com?

You will notice the esthetic changes of the site; gone are the Ayre Heads and the motto of Drinkin’, Gamblin’ and Carryin’ On. We have no plans to bring them back as we firmly believe it has no place within a serious gaming news site.

We will now offer “serious online gaming news for serious people working in the business of online gaming.”

We would like to wish Calvin well in his future endeavors and we hope you enjoy TheLongleyandGuardian.com