Gap widening between PokerStars and Full Tilt

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PokerStars Vs. Full Tilt - Poker Business NewsA respected blogger in the iGaming space has delivered his verdict on the fight between Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars to become numero uno in the online poker industry.

eGaming fan (eGf) analyzed recent trends between the two companies, looking at a number of different events and could only find one company he thought worthy of the prize of a karaoke session with Lady Gaga to optimize the song “Poker Face.”

One of the main reasons alluded to is PokerStars acquiring the rights to a number of Full Tilt’s sloppy seconds’. They’re not really friends though so “mates dates” rules don’t apply.

PokerStars looks to have taken this on board and went full steam ahead in gaining the rights to High Stakes Poker, triggering off a dispute that saw FTP not allowing any of their players to appear.

This is far from the jewel in Stars’ crown though.

In a move that would have cast fans criticisms were it to happen in the world of soccer or any other rivalry-rich sport, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom went from FTP over to Stars who eventually revealed his identity.

This in itself has spawned the SuperStar Showdown where Blom takes on all comers while others watch and means Stars have one hot player on their hands.

eGf goes on to add that Pokerscout shows Stars to have around double the amount of seated cash players and a presence in the regional markets of France and Italy.

The last part might be a little skewed as Full Tilt no having a presence in France could be seen as sensible if nothing else, given the tax situation that currently exists there. Also eGf hasn’t taken into account the stellar rosters of pros that FTP has and the fact that they often rank very highly in live tournaments.

All in all though the points put forward are very valid ones and we may continue to see the margin between the two companies open up.


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