Bulgaria faces backlash over prohibition plans

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bulgaria-upsets-firmsFor a few years now Eastern European country Bulgaria has become a haven for tourists who want a summer’s holiday or ski breaks but aren’t able to afford the more glamorous destinations in Europe. What many might not realize though is that Bulgaria is having a ball trying to take the piss outta the online gambling industry as much as they can.

After for the last couple of years taxing operators 10% and generally being the kind of people you’d go out for a beer with, they decided 2010 might be time to have some fun.

Some of their proposals included stipulating than anyone wishing to operate must have an outlet in every of the country’s 28 provinces, which was followed by the fact there are no guidelines on fraud, age verification, and gambling education. The coup de grace was the five years in jail offered to anyone operating illegally. If that sounds like fun then read on…

Proposals put to the European Union that include the prohibition of all gambling advertising have been scoffed at by those who are deciding to take the plunge in the Baltic nation. The Standart reported last week that instead of a full ban on advertising, the gambling companies preferred a system similar to alcohol and cigarette advertising where warnings are carried warning of dangers.

A statement from the companies said: “If restrictions were essential, it would be more acceptable to treat gambling in the same manner as smoking, with warnings of the possible dangers associated with wagering carried on any advertising, rather than outright bans.”

Anyone that’s seen the advertisement on cigarette packets might wonder why they’re in favor of the same for online gambling but they could do worse than show the fun those of us in the online gambling industry have at a party. That would be a slap in the face of the Bulgarian administration!


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