Letter submitted to congressman over internet gambling

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Gaming news, letter submitted to congressmanEntering a New Year means that we’ve already seen a number of people put forward their projections on what will happen over the next year – including Calvin Ayre. One subject that will continue to be a main issue, apart from Cole Turner puking on himself again, is the efforts by a number of US states to legalize online gaming in some form.

Intra-state still looks like the way to go, and later this month we should find out whether the efforts of Joe Brennan Jr. and iMEGA have been to any avail as Gov. Chris Christie makes his decision in New Jersey. We’re still hoping it’s done on a Lebron-esque decision special, live on FOX.

The question of whether any legislation will happen on a Federal level is still hanging around like a bad smell though.

According to Pokernews, Michael Waxman, of the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, has recently submitted a letter to Congressman Darrell Issa of California, explaining why iGaming should be regulated by the central government.

Of Issa, Waxman said: “He’s in a great position to be a champion for the cause and we need to build interest.

“Not just in the key committees but throughout Congress as we look for the critical mass needed for Internet gambling regulation to become a reality. I think his committee could certainly hold hearings and look into the issue to better understand why the UIGEA is so burdensome, but they aren’t a committee in which the legislation will come out of. It’s out of their jurisdiction.”

Now that intra-state legislation has started, this might not be the wisest idea and it could eventually waste a lot of people’s time and money.


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