Everyone still awaiting Christie’s decision in New Jersey

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Gaming news - Chris Christies decisionNew Jersey’s gambling community is starting to get incredibly itchy feet right now. It has nothing to do with all them trying to get their money back on mammoth bets on the Jets making the Super Bowl – they were probably even sick of Rex Ryan by the end of the AFC Championship Game.

Near the beginning of last month, a bill for online gambling in the state was approved and sent to NJ Governor Chris Christie for his approval that has so far not been forthcoming. Granted he does have a full 45 days to make the decision, but those are fast running out and it will have to be made by February 25 which is only weeks away.

After already approving exchange betting earlier this week, those at the forefront of the online gambling legislation may well be that slightest bit more confident but they’re unlikely to be counting their chickens just yet.

Christie is thought to be considering a shot at the Republican ticket for the elections in 2012 and the decision he makes here is likely to have a bearing on whether he might achieve this or not. Although, as we’ve mentioned before, if he does reject the bill the arguments for it might mean the Christie will have made a big mistake by rejecting.

In the meantime we’ll be watching re-runs of Jersey Shore just so that we can perfect that “Joy-zee” tongue.


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