Passoker links up with Zukido

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Passoker has been making its presence felt early in 2011. To compliment its real-money offering, Passoker has signed an agreement to incorporate a suite of casino-style mini-games from Zukido which will be launched next month.

The initial suite of mini-games will include games such as roulette, blackjack, hi-lo, as well as two mini-slots. The games will be embedded within the live real money Passoker game which rewards players on the occurrence of real-time incidents being televised in sport, such as a goal, free-kick or throw-in during soccer games. Other incidents can include an ace or double fault in tennis, or a six or a wicket in cricket.

“Zukido have a proven track record when it comes to providing revenue-driving mini-games with straight-forward implementation,” said Passoker CEO Stuart Carr. “The mini-games are a perfect complement to Passoker and Zukido’s cutting edge products can only help improve the player experience on the site, driving revenue, and increasing session times. I am certain that it will be an excellent combination.”

David Sargeant, Zukido’s commercial director also commented “Passoker is fast establishing a reputation for being forward-thinking and innovative. The game is unique in the marketplace and we are extremely pleased to be partnering with the company.”


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