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Matthew LeskoThough most of the gift-giving holidays are behind us, online gambling portal Casino Navigator has decided to prolong the holiday season by offering gamers a chance to win big money for free. The site has released a comprehensive list of the best play- and no deposit bonuses available at some of the biggest online casinos on the net.

The promotion, which features more than $1,500 in free play opportunities, is a brilliant marketing strategy for the British hub, as it will establish a firm reputation as an informative source for the gamer who isn’t married to any particular online casino.

Listings include international bonuses for international and U.S.-based gamers hoping to hit the big time without spending a dime. The list features many of the biggest names in the industry, so gamers can avoid that whole “Nigerian Prince selling boner pills” vibe that some of the shittier online gambling establishments are known for.

Casino Navigator is also hoping the list will lead to some solid click through for the site’s educational guides on how to gamble.


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