Stay Classy LeBron James

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Last night as the Cleveland Cavaliers were being embarrassed 112-57 by the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland’s former favorite son LeBron James took to Twitter to take a shot at his former team.

“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

LeBron James Karma Tweet

LeBron says he’s embracing the villainous role the media and the fans are placing on him. It’s easy to enjoy a stylish villain, that’s why Hannibal Lecter movies are so popular but this is just classless assholery.

Karma isn’t our expertise but wouldn’t it be the other way around, the man who screwed over the Cavaliers be the one suffering the one sided beatemdown?

LeBron was considerate enough to use B**** to save his impressionable younger twitter followers from seeing the word bitch but to be fair to James he could have meant broad or perhaps banjo. Either way, the Cavs didn’t like the song Karma was playing.

If LeBron’s logic is true, when God’s not busy knocking birds out of the sky or telling the Pope how to name children, he’s unleashing LeBron vengeance on the Cleveland Cavaliers for not being able to resign the King.

His personal vendetta against Cavs owner Dan Gilbert will likely motivate LeBron and the Heat, who are on a nine game winning streak, to a NBA championship this season or next.

He’s still hurt from fans burning jerseys and, speaking of classless, Delonte West sleeping with James’ mom Gloria but still he needs to think about the words he says, as he still has friends playing for the Cavs and to relish in their embarrassment because of a feud with Gilbert is just classless.


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