Marshawn Lynch Creates Earthquake

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Marshawns Ground Shaking RunWhen the Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch ran 67 yards for his gaming-winning touchdown over the New Orleans Saints, the crowd at Seattle’s Qwest Field exploded. As it turns out, they caused an earthquake.

A scientist manning a seismic station near the old King Dome noticed his meters behaving erratically, he decided to call it in. The jump in his meters occurred at 4:43pm PST, precisely the time Lynch was crossing the goal line.

The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th man have a reputation around the NFL as being the loudest fans in the league and their earthshaking cheers further cement their place.

If you haven’t seen the run, it’s easily the greatest run in playoff history. Lynch takes the ball and finds a hole, he breaks through a mess of tacklers trying to take him down. Then he breaks another tackle before stiff arming Saints defender Tracy Porter five yards downfield. No other defender could catch him, Lynch jumps across the goal line while grabbing his nuts. See the video below.

The ground was rumbled and when the fans had a chance to catch the replay, the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network’s seismic graph registered a 2.0 on the Richter scale. The Seattle Fans won’t be knocking down buildings anytime soon but a 2.0 is equivalent to 1 metric ton of TNT exploding.


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