Rex Ryan Loves Footie

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Michelle Ryan's FeetWhen you think Rex Ryan, you think football and it’s seems Ryan is taking his work home with him, in a double entendre sort of way. It’s come out that Rex Ryan has a foot fetish and his wife is the former star of an internet foot fetish video series., renowned for their minion of sports nerds who scour the internet for anything embarrassing to knock athletes, coaches and especially the sports media down a peg, found four videos with a woman that looks a lot like Ryan’s wife Michelle.

In one of the videos posted by the Michelle Ryan look alike, who goes by the name Ihavehappyfeet, a cameraman can be heard asking if the woman needs “Help with anything”.

If you listen to the cameraman’s voice, it sounds a lot like New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. There is a lack the f-bombs that Ryan became famous for during the Jets “Hard Knocks” series on HBO but the similarities are uncanny.

Deadspin’s nerds continued their investigative work, noting that “Ihavehappyfeet” listed her location as Ellicott City Maryland, which is incidentally the same city listed under Ryan’s coaching profile when he was the assistant coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

Rex RyanRex Ryan didn’t comment when asked about the videos on a media conference call, “To be honest, and I get it, I know you need to ask and all that stuff…but it’s a personal matter and I’m really not going to discuss it, OK?”

Fair enough, what a man does with his wife in his spare time and then posts all over the internet is private. I wonder how many guys out there are going to use that line of reasoning to get their girls on film.

This isn’t really sports news and we all have skeletons but for fans of the other 31 NFL teams who have come to loathe the New York Jets this season, it’s just another reason to laugh at Jets. They’ve already gone through dealt with Jenn Sterger and Brett “The Dong Schlinger” Favre investigation, they had to go to sensitivity training after Ines Sainz complained about the jets boorish behavior. This all comes from the franchise that bills itself as the best team in the NFL.

In case you’re wondering, the last time the Jets won a Super Bowl, Charlie Chaplin was still alive and Brett Favre wasn’t even born yet.


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