Hammer drops on another WSOP bracelet


eskimo-clark-braceletThe latest eBay wedge of wonga to be garnered by a member of the poker player’s circuit was decided on Wednesday afternoon. Since Peter Eastgate put his WSOP Main Event bracelet up on the popular auction site, everyone from Vanessa Rousso to Eskimo Clark has been getting in on the act. The players have stopped short of doing anything outrageous, but it shouldn’t be too long before a hard-up player auctions off a night in their company, or maybe even their soul. Who knows?!

Today is Eskimo Clark’s day though. His WSOP bracelet, which is like a Skoda to Eastgate’s all-singing McLaren F1, sold for around $4,050 on Wednesday, for an amount of gold which is actually worth around £5,000. Maybe we should contact Failblog on this one.

It’s unlikely that it was even Clark selling the bracelet as the account was based in Ireland, meaning the 1999 WSOP bracelet winner’s 117.1g of gold wrist-wear was already off his wrist and onto that of a leprechaun. If the winner does want to sell just head to any British shopping mall, and you’ll be inundated with geezers who will take the gold off your hands.

As for our Eskimo, maybe start selling igloos to wealthy Arabian fellas on eBay. There has to be a market for them.